EXPLORER® 710 Technote Software ver. 1.02 RevB
Description Technical Notification about new software 1.02 for EXPLORER 710

Disclaimer for Downloading and Uploading software
Please be informed that downloading and installing software from the Thrane & Thrane web portal is at your own risk. Thrane & Thrane is not to be held liable for any possible damage with respect to downloading and installing software.

If you have difficulties or questions with respect to downloading software or uploading to your product, please contact the Thrane & Thrane Certified Partner, Registered Reseller or dealer from where the product was purchased, or contact your local Thrane & Thrane distribution/service partner, i.e. Master Distributor, Certified Partner, On board Service Center or Regional Workshop, whichever is relevant for the product.

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Please be advised that we always strongly recommend that software upgrades are being carried out by the Thrane & Thrane distribution/service partners.

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The Thrane & Thrane distributor or dealer is the first line of contact for any support, including user training, activation and commissioning, upgrades, PIN codes, accessories, applications, repairs and spare part.

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