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Creating a Telnet connection to an Explorer Terminal
Posted by Jørn D. Olsen - Cobham Satcom on 06 December 2006 12:13 PM
Creating a Telnet connection via the Ethernet Interface:

• Connect a pc to EXPLORER 500 via the Ethernet interface
• Open a command prompt (start->run->cmd)
• Enter: telnet 5454
• Verify the connection with command "ati"<enter> - reply from terminal "Thrane & Thrane"

Enter debug mode:
• Enter: at+thrane<enter>
• Username: admin
• Password: 1234 (or other admin password if it was changed from default)
• Reply (ex.): "Welcome to the Thrane & Thrane shell

Other applications eg. Hyperterminal can be used for creating a telnet connection.

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