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M4 & M4 data Terminal fails to log on to the AOR-W
Posted by Ove C. Nielsen on 22 September 2006 11:33 AM

Returns to "SAT / LES OK" continuously For M4 TT3080A & TT3080M 

If the timer, ANTTIMEOUT ,"Menu->Ant. Setup->set time out", is set to a value below 130 sec. the unit will fail to log on the AOR-W. (I4 satellite)

The reason that the problem suddenly arises, is that the new I4 satellite has 19 "spot beams" compared to the old I3 satellite only having 6.

If the timer is set below 130 sec. the terminal will not have enough time to search for the appropriate spot beam.

SOLUTION: DO NOT set the Menu->Ant. Setup->set time out" to a value below 130 sec.

Always use the command AT+ANTTIMEOUT=130 after using the AT+DEFAULT=<pin>

(If AT+DEFAULT is used for resetting the terminal to initial values, the value for +ANTTIMEOUT is set to 30. causing the terminal to fail)

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