Sailor900 041051-0000, 3 WARNING ON Ele cal. limits (00000400
Posted by Ove C. Nielsen on 17 July 2012 11:55 AM
system is suffering from "User Event: 041051-0000, 3 WARNING ON Ele cal. limits (00000400)"

What to check: 
Zero width low/high: Zero reference module placement may be incorrect.        "check that zero ref module and the magnet in in place. Zero ref Module and magnet located on on the back of the elevation drive"
Zero slack high: Mechanical slack may be too high. :                                     "check that there is no slack in the elevation drive, by moving the panel manually"
Friction average/peak high: Mechanical friction is higher than expected.           "manually move the panel. check that it moves freely, from endstop to endstop"
Friction asymmetry high: Mechanical imbalance may be too high.                   "Check that the panel is in balance"
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