Serial number reads 0
Posted by Ove C. Nielsen on 23 June 2009 11:15 AM
The serial number in the 'WEB MMI->Settings'  reads 0 after replacing the HPA with a spare.

The only purpose of the antenna serial number (aka Unit Serial Number for the antenna) is to make us able to refer to a certain specific antenna. The number is unique and is applied to the antenna when it is "born" at the factory. The number is stated on the bar code sticker placed on the antenna (usually close to the connector). For ease of reading it is also programmed into the flash EEPROM mounted at the HPA. This makes it possible to display the number in the web page of the BDU/transceiver (the Settings page), and this is the only usage of the number.

The serial number does not in any way interfere with the performance of the antenna.

If for some reason the HPA of the antenna is later replaced with an HPA taken directly from another antenna, the serial number programmed in the HPA does no longer match the number on the bar code sticker. In this situation it is the bar code sticker that applies. However, since this would undoubtedly cause confusion, one should never do this. Only exception could be to switch it temporarily whilst debugging and if the debugging shows that the HPA should be replaced, then the HPA should be replaced by a spare HPA, ie an HPA ordered as a spare part.

Spare part HPA's contains the antenna serial number 0. This is because the spare part HPA was not "born" as part of an antenna. This means that an antenna which have had its HPA replaced, is no longer able to display the correct serial number on the web page. This is, however, the only difference between the original HPA and the spare HPA.
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