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Error message “No satellite service” in IP Handset
Posted by - NA - on 15 October 2008 07:43 AM
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Date: October - 2008


Product Name & Type:

Product name: Thrane IP Handset, SAILOR FleetBroadband 500, FBB500, Sailor FleetBroadband 250, FBB250, EXPLORER 727.
T&T type number: TT-3670A, TT-3740A, TT-3742A, TT-3722A.
Hardware / Software version affected:



An error message shown in the display of Thrane IP Handset TT-3670A "No satellite service" appearing after the IP Handset has been SW upgraded to SW ver 1.6.



Normally this error message "No Satellite Service" is indicating that the system is not within the global /spot beam coverage, but this is not necessary the truth. A bug in the Terminal SW 1.06 and lower means that "status" communicating between Terminal and IP Handset fails causing the IP handset to display the error message below.


Solution 1: The error message in the Thrane IP Handset can be deleted by rebooting the Terminal, NOT the Thrane IP Handset.

Solution 2: Try to make a call and if the call fails check your position against the coverage map.

The problem will be solved in the Terminal SW version 1.07.

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