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Withdrawal of Inmarsat ocean region codes
Posted by Ove C. Nielsen on 23 July 2008 10:26 AM
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Date: <July- 2008>

  Withdrawal of Inmarsat ocean region codes


The four ocean region codes (+871, +872, +873 and +874) will cease to operate.

At midnight, 24:00 Hours GMT, on 31st of December, 2008, the four original Inmarsat Ocean Region Codes will be withdrawn from service



From 00:01 hours GMT, on 1 January, 2009, your call will only connect by dialling the Inmarsat +870 country code.

+870 will automatically routes the caller to the Inmarsat customer regardless of which Inmarsat Ocean Region the terminal is located - i.e. anywhere in the world

Begin dialling the +870 country code with your next call.

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