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How to connect multiple IP handset
Posted by Jesper Nygaard - Cobham SATCOM on 03 July 2008 08:20 AM
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Product Name & Type:

Product name: IP Handset
T&T type number: TT-3672A


How to connect multiple IP handset to Sailor FBB 500/250
and Explorer® 727


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Support for 16 IP handset, and IP handset Configuration page in WEB MMI.
How to set-up the IP handset:

Open WEB MMI (
Select – Settings / IP handsets
The Username / Number is predefine to 0501-0516
Default the IP handset will show as user “0501” password “0501”
To set incoming / outgoing calls, select “call settings”
Select the incoming and outgoing services.
Click “apply” at the bottom of the page.
To change the password
Click edit and change the password.
Click “save entry”
To connect IP handset #2:

Connect the IP handset to the terminal.
Find the IP address of the new IP handset, open LAN / Network devices.
The IP handset #2 will show in the Network device list.
(in above it is
Configure the new IP handset
(All T&T IP handset is default configured as 0501 – 0501)
Using a browser enter the IP address for the new IP handset i.e.
This will open the WEB MMI for the IP handset.
Select SIP Settings
Click “edit” and change the User name to 0502 -> 0516
(The Users in the SIP server is predefined to 0501 – 0516)
Enter a password (in this case 0502)
Clicks “save” to save the entry.
New device will show up in the WEB MMI/Settings/IP handsets as “New”
In the Terminal WEB MMI i.e.
Click “New” and enter the Password (0502)
Click “Save entry”

The new IP handset will now register with the SIP server.
After registering the IP handset 0502 will now be a member of the internal SIP server.

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